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  • soy oil
  • sunflower cake, soy cake
  • sunflower husks

Company profile

Ukroliya LLC region, the ecologically clean region of Central Ukraine. The company has 16-year experience of exporting to over 50 countries of the world: the CIS countries, Europe, Middle and Far East, Northern and Southern America, and Africa. Ukroliya LLC has own logistics unit and established cooperation with expediting companies. The products are exported by railway, sea and road transport.

In 2017 UKROLIYA ORGANIC plant was launched which specializes in processing exclusively organic raw materials and selling organic sunflower and soy oil, organic cake and meal. The planned production capacity is over 7,000 t/year of organic sunflower oil and about 7,000 t/year of organic soy oil. There are options of supplying bulk or bottled organic sunflower and soy oil.

UKROLIYA ORGANIC plant was certified according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard and is being certified according to NOP and BioSuisse standards. In addition, the company complies with ISO 9001, DSTU ISO 22 000 and GMP+B1 standards.

Company address

Contact person

Ukroliya LLC

4 Sadova St.

Chernechyi Yar village

Dykanka district

Poltava region

38 521 Ukraine


Mr. Ruslan Derevianchenko


Phone/Fax: +380 53 519 4395

Phone/Fax: +380 53 519 7906

Mobile: +380 50 482 3331

Mobile: +380 50 359 8645