• rosebay willowherb tea with wild pear and apple
  • rosebay willowherb tea with thyme blossom
  • rosebay willowherb tea with raspberry leaves
  • rosebay willowherb tea with mint and lemon balm
  • rosebay willowherb tea with lime blossom
  • rosebay willowherb tea with berries
  • black rosebay willowherb tea

Company profile

MOL’FAR Company was established in 2016 and it specializes in production of rosebay willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium) tea.

The production facilities are located in the ecologically clean area of the Ukrainian Carpathians where the raw materials are collected and processed. The storehouses of ready products are located in Kyiv city where the company’s office is situated as well as in the Carpathians which allows responding promptly to the customers' orders both at the domestic and international markets.

The MOL’FAR’s products were certified according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard by Organic Standard in 2017.

The company’s main products are organic rosebay willowherb teas both pure and with various herbs and berries (rosebay willowherb tea with raspberry leaves, thyme blossom, lime blossom, wild pear and apple, berries, etc.). The production capacity is 5−10 tons of ready tea per year.

The main ingredient of the MOL’FAR’s organic teas is rosebay willowherb which is famous for its healing properties and the modern production technology (identical to the world standards of black and green tea production) allows getting the favourite taste of tea but not that of a herbal repertory.

Company address

Contact person

Molfar Eco LLC

2b Kostyantynivska St., of.400

Kyiv city

4 071 Ukraine


Mr. Ievgeniy Goncharenko


Mobile: +380 50 362 3187