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Company profile

Fruktona company was established in 2014 as a powerful innovative refrigeration complex for freezing, processing and storing berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. The company is located in Vinnytsia city, in the centre of the region whose speciality is growing fruit and berries.

The company was certified according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard in 2016, taking the initiative to unite all organic producers in the region.

Berries and mushrooms are collected in the ecologically clean districts of Polissia and the Carpathians. Fruktona has its own logistics system from field to the processing facility and provides the farmers with special containers which preserve integrity of berries to the maximum possible extent. The enterprise management system ensures compliance with international standards and full traceability of products from field to fork.

In 2017 the company has collected and processed 3,500 tons of products, over 350 tons of which are organic. In 2018 the company plans to collect about 1,500 tons of organic products, in particular, 350 tons of raspberries, 600 tons of blueberries, 300 tons of blackberries and 100 tons of lingonberries and cranberries each.

Fruktona has experience of exporting berries since 2000 and has committed partners in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus. The company offers different options of packing based on customer preference and temperature-controlled transportation to warehouses.

Fruktona is also certified under FSSC 22 000 standard, which integrates the principles of НАССР and ISO 22 000.

Company address

Contact person


28 Aivazovskogo St.

Vinnytsia city

21 022 Ukraine


Kostiantyn Kuzmenko



Phone: +380 43 250 7077