• sunflower oil, cake, sunflower
  • flax oil, cake, flax
  • mustard oil, cake, powder
  • rapeseed oil, cake
  • corn
  • soya
  • barley
  • rosehips

Company profile

Firm Casper Ltd was founded in 1995 as a processing company specializing in storing, cleaning and sorting cereals and oil crops produced in Ukraine. The company was first certified as an organic processor in 2012. Since then the company has been annually recertified by Organic Standard certification body according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard. The company production is also certified under ISO 22 000.

The company specialized in vegetable oil and cake production. First cold pressing vegetable oils are produced without heating raw materials which ensures maximum preservation of nutrients and vitamins.

The company first exported its products by road transport to Lithuania and France in 2015. However, the location of the company’s office and processing unit in Odessa city, close to seaports, offers export opportunities by sea in IBC containers or in retail glass containers. The company offers flexible options of product packing, in particular, under a customer’s label.

Company address

Contact person

Firm Casper Ltd

140-a Liustdorfska doroha St.

office 402

Odesa city

65 114 Ukraine


Mr. Oleg Trofanchuk


Phone: +380 48 237 5075

Fax: +380 48 237 5075