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  • spelt
  • spring barley, pearl barley and fine ground barley
  • rye, rye flour and bran
  • oat, oat flakes, groats and flour
  • flax, flax oil
  • sunflower, high oleic sunflower, sunflower oil and cake
  • soya
  • chickpea
  • lentil
  • buckwheat, buckwheat groats, crashed buckwheat, flour, shells
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  • vetch
  • perennial grasses
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Agroecology products

Company profile

Agroecology PE is an agricultural enterprise on the lands of which exclusively organic farming methods have been applied for over four decades. The company’s main areas of activity are cereals and technical crop production, dairy and meat animal husbandry, production of groats, oil and four.

Headed by a famous Ukrainian farmer Semen Antonets the company switched to subsoil tillage back in 1976. The next step to organic production was abandoning pesticides (1978) and, in several years, mineral fertilizers were replaced with organic ones.

Agroecology’s organic crop production and processing are annually recertified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard and the Bio Suisse standard and since 2016 one of company’s livestock farms has also been certified as organic.

The company currently has 6,500 ha under organic management. The annual gross yield of cereals is 11,000 ton, the annual milk yield is 13,000 ton and meat — 10,000 ton.

The company has established the Organic Farming Centre which functions successfully and where trainings and consultancies on organic farming are provided.

Agroecology has been exporting organic crops to Switzerland and Germany since 2014.

Company address

Contact person

Agroecology PE

26 Ievgen Konovalets St.

Mykhailyky village

Shyshaky district

Poltava region

38 013 Ukraine


Mr. Gleb Lukyanenko


Mr. Pavlo Zakharchenko


Mobile: +380 95 691 5000